How To Join

Joining the club is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1 - Apply for Membership

Review and accept the regulations and submit your membership application, including providing proof of insurance. If you have any questions call the club phone, or each out to any of our approved instructors and they can help answer questions that you may have about the club.

If we have any questions about your application we will reach out.

Club Regulations Membership Application

2 - Obtain DSM Security Badge & Hangar Key

After your membership is approved, the Central Iowa Flying Club will coordinate to get your a security badge with the Des Moines Airport Authority. WE MUST coordinate this for you, so please DO NOT contact the Des Moines Badging office directly as they will not be able to assist you.

This will require 2 visits to the Des Moines airport. The first to complete a background test, the second to finalize your security badge and take a multiple-choice security protocols test. There is an additional fee for badging that will be paid directly to the DSM Airport Authority.

3 - Complete Checkout As Required

Once you have been accepted and completed the security badging work with any of our Approved Instructors to complete required checkouts per the Regulations and then you can fly on your schedule using the online booking system to reserve your aircraft.